West Bay

West Bay is geographically the second largest district in Grand Cayman. It is approximately 5 square miles and has a population of about 11,500 residents. The district of West Bay is home to the Cayman Turtle Farm also known as Boatswain's Beach. This is an 24-acre marine park, The world's only commercial Green Sea turtle Farm. West Bay district is also home to Hell West Bay. This is a common tour stop. It consists of black volcanic rock formations lying in a flat area less than one acre in size. It is thought to resemble what hell might be like.

In the district of West Bay there are 15 known restaurants, a few of the most established ones are Cracked Conch by the Sea, Alfresco, Calypso Grill; Morgan's Harbour Restaurant & Marina; OsetraBay, Dock Bar and Grill at Morgan's Harbour and Ristorante Pappagallo.

In this district is one public primary school. That is The John A. Cumber Primary formerly known as West Bay Primary School. There are two private schools starting from kindergarten straight up to High School. We have the Grace Christian Academy and Wesleyan Christian Academy School. There are several registered pre-school in this district as well. The district of West Bay has one public library, one Clinic and one Police station all of which are located 5minutes of each other.

Properties in West Bay are of a great variety from low priced condos to the very high end homes on the prestigious Boggy Sand Road. Boggy Sand Road is the only community of single family homes that is located directly on Seven Mile Beach. Another up and coming area is The Shores with land still available.

7 Mile Beach

The 7 Mile Beach area (actually 5.6 miles of beach) is properly the most prestigious housing area in Grand Cayman. It is divided by West Bay Road into beach front properties and canal living away from the beach. On the beach side you mainly find high rise condominium complexes and hotels. Many of the condominiums on the beach are investment properties owned by overseas investors in the Cayman Islands. They are open for long term and short term rentals. Property prices start from midrange for a one bedroom condo and go up into the millions for the more upscale complexes like Cayman Club, Caribbean Club, Plantana, WatersEdge, WaterColours and of course the Ritz-Carlton, to name just a few.

On the canal side of the Seven Mile Beach area next to single family homes you will also find condominiums of which many have directly to a canal and come with a dock for your boat. The option of boat docking is what attracts most renters and the canals all lead in the islands favourite playground - the North Sound.

Condo prices are below the price for beach front property but are still high. Residential living without canal access is in the higher end of the mid ranges pricing. Canal front homes are in the high price range.

The Seven Mile Beach area in Cayman still sees development especially with the newly planned Dragon Bay development near the Ritz Carlton and continuous growth at Camana Bay.

The whole area boosts a ton of amenities with restaurants and bars in walking distances, supermarkets and shops close by. The area also is home to the only two golf courses in the Cayman Islands.

Camana Bay

The Town of Camana Bay on Grand Cayman is a very new community which has been built on 500 acres, stretching from the North Sound to Seven Mile Beach just recently.

The Town Centre has the feel of a European pedestrian shopping zones with shops, bars, restaurants and a six screen state-of-the-art cinema. A selection of small parks and courtyards allow for social gatherings and a sense of community. The centre is adjacent to a canal leading into the North Sound. Boat docking facilities are part of the concept. The contemporary style of the building is inspired by traditional Caribbean architecture and is landscaping.

Part of Camana Bay is the International School with its modern facilities including a 25m pool, tennis and other sports court as well as a multi purpose hall.

Camana Bay offers fully furnished apartments for rent and will soon add residential sales to their offerings. The first phase of the 'for sale' residential product will be available for pre-construction sales by early 2011. It will offer a mix of courtyard homes, cottages and town homes, canal-front homes as well as future condos to suit a variety of different audiences and price points. The Centre is also very popular with corporate offices. Two of the biggest law firms - Ogiers & Mourant Ozannes - have already or will soon be opening offices here.

The future for Camana Bay looks bright with more and more business opening and more building commencing.

George Town

George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands and over 50% of the populations live here. The city centre is the busiest place in the whole of the Cayman Islands. Bankers, Lawyers and Accountants are rubbing shoulders with hundreds of cruise ship passengers during weekdays and at night cargo ships get unloaded.

Here lies the very heart of Cayman's financial industry. But where international financial institutions now stand were once modest wooden buildings, cow pastures and homes. It is a great location for families as most of the schools are located in the area on and around Walkers Road. Both hospitals are in the district and the commute into town is very short.

Most of the properties in George Town are low to mid-range in price. There is a wide selection of condominiums and family homes. Some of the properties are a bit tired but certainly are full of potential. Some of the newer condo developments are Fountain Court, Triumph Village and Hilton Estate.

South Sound

South Sound is a sought after area and very popular with Expats and locals alike. Close to Walkers Road's schools, town and sport facilities like the Rugby Club, Tennis Club and the Squash Club, it is a very convenient location for executives working in George Town.

There is a dock for launching boats which is used by many residents. Residents are a very active bunch who enjoy to jog and walk in the morning and evening along the breezy road which follows the seashore.

South Sound Road snakes along the coast line and properties can be found on both sides. Properties available include executive homes and two and three-bedroom apartments and townhouses. Property on the oceanfront is naturally more expensive then property across the street. One of the most expensive homes in Grand Cayman can be found just across from the Rugby Club.

Prices for a one bedroom apartment can be as low as CI$ 130,000 in complexes like South Palms and Sunrise. For a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath condominium the minimum investment would be around just below CI$ 200,000 in one of the older condo complexes and around CI$ 250,000 for the new ones like Cayman Crossing, St. Tropez and the new development of San Sebastian.

Houses are not easy to come by in this area with prices starting at around CI$ 500,000.

Spotts, Prospect & Red Bay

In proximity of George Town and with its own shopping centre in Grand Harbour, this area is developing fast. It is traditionally an area with many residential homes but due to recent developments more and more condominium complexes like Lantern Point and South Shores can be found here. Cayman's first skate and surf park, The Black Pearl, is located behind Grand Harbour. Also in the Red Bay area are the Cayman Islands Sailing Club, King's Sports Centre and the Prospect Playhouse. Prospect primary school as well as the Lighthouse school and Montessori by the Sea can be found here. If you are looking for a more affordable canal-front property Red Bay is a great choice. Canal front homes can be found in the mid-range prices.

Prospect Point Road and Patrick's Island are two very exclusive areas with in Red Bay, situated on the canals with lush gardens and multi-million dollar homes. Patrick's Island, still has some land available for your Cayman dream home.

Savannah, Northward, Newlands

Further east from the Prospect area lie Savannah, Northward and Newlands. The areas are very residential with many bungalows and two storey homes. There are only a small number of condominium complexes located here. Prices are in the low to mid range with some high end properties available.

This area has also canal-front properties and the most sought after areas are Sunrise Landings and North Sound Estates. These areas still have land available at reasonable prices and therefore attract many young families.

The commute into town can take a bit longer but has been improved due to the newly finished road work. The Countryside Shopping Village, in the heart of Savannah and boast a large supermarket, a hardware store, a liquor store, restaurants and many local businesses, which means residents in the area no longer have to drive to town for everyday essentials. The local farmers market is a source for freshly grown produce. In the district is the Savannah Primary School.

Bodden Town

Bodden Town was one of the earliest settlements on Grand Cayman, dating back to the late 17th century. It was the island's first capital town.

The community still has the feel of a small Caymanian town, with a mixture of locals and expats living alongside one another. Although further out of town it still only takes about thirty minute commute to George Town if timed around rush hour.

The town has some convenience stores, tourist shops as well as two gas stations. Main shopping can be done in the Countryside Shopping Village ten minutes away. The Bodden Town Primary school is the only public school in the district.

Housing in this district is mainly compromised of family homes. The prices in the area are low to mid range.

North Side

North Side is a small community which preserved its island charm. Life seems to go a bit slower here. Life's necessities are taken care of by a convenience store, a garage, a post office and the North Side Primary School. The Countryside Shopping Village is half an hour away to make bigger purchases. The district has a few restaurant and bars to show for.

Mainly residential home are to be found on the north side of Grand Cayman.

Very few condo complexes have been built on the coast line. Some beach lots with breathtaking water views are still for sale.

Rum Point & Cayman Kai

Located on the North Sound and on a reef protect beach far away from the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach this is a favourite with holiday makers who enjoy the tranquility of island life.

Amenities and shopping is limited on this end of the island. Many residents own a boat and jet across the North Sound to get their groceries, to go to work or to drop off the kids for school. By road the closest school is the North Side Primary School.

Condos as well as private residences can be found here. All are mainly catering for holiday makers. There is a variety of multi-million dollar homes which puts the area on the high end of the price range.

Several restaurants and bars cater for holiday makers and locals alike. Some tour operates have their base here.

East End

This is one of the most untouched areas in the Cayman Islands wit picturesque views of fishing and dive boats, tall palms and sparkling blue seas.

East End is also home to several old shipwrecks, fragments of which can still be seen from shore. To the east of the village is the Wreck of the Ten Sails Park, commemorating the spot along the reef where a legendary shipwreck took place in 1794.

On the east side of Grand Cayman there are several time share properties including Morritt's. In the resort's proximity are several shops including a bakery and a supermarket.

Apart from timeshare, condominium and mainly homes can be found in this area. Fairly secluded multi-million dollar homes are dotted along the coast line. Modest homes can be found in Gun Bay, Cottage.

Frank Sound is developing area with one big high school being built there. Affordable house lots attract young families. The East End primary school already caters for the young ones.

Cayman Brac

The Brac is the second largest of the Cayman Islands with 14 square miles is just a bit larger then Little Cayman which is only 5 miles away.

With a population of less than 2,000, the Brac is a friendly, laid-back destination where relaxation is the order of the day. There are some glorious dive sites off Cayman Brac, including a renowned Russian ship wreck dive at the MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts off the north shore.

The Island is known for its beautiful scenery and its bird life, which is world class. Hotels and resorts are mainly found on the south side of the Island, while the majority of long term residents live on the north side. The Brac (a Gaelic word meaning 'bluff') has the highest elevations in the whole of the Cayman Islands and many build their houses on the Bluff now.

Cayman Brac's West End is probably the most densely populated area on the Island. You will find the airport, two grocery stores, a gas station and couple of condo complexes in this area.

Like Little Cayman there is a limited selection of condos and homes to purchase. However there are many house lots available. Prices can be lower then in Little Cayman.

Little Cayman

The smallest of the Cayman Islands is approximately 80 miles away from Grand Cayman and is probably the most picturesque one. Only ten miles long and 1 mile wide it is surrounded by white sandy beaches. Just over 100 people live permanently on the island. Little Cayman attracts many divers from all over he world with its outstanding coral reefs and marine life.

This island hideaway is ideal for people looking for a quiet holiday getaway. There are several condominium complexes with units for sale available. Residential homes are also available but not many come on the market.

Currently there are many lots of land available for sale in Little Cayman at reasonable prices.