Discover the neighbourhoods of the Cayman Islands with photography, local perspective, and practical information.

Cayman Brac

The second largest of the Cayman Islands, at 14 square miles ‘the Brac’ is marginally larger then Little Cayman. With a population of less than 2,000, the Brac is a friendly, laid-back destination where relaxation is the order of the day. Known for its beautiful scenery and bird life, hotels and resorts are mainly found on the south side of the Island, while the majority of long term residents live on the north side. The Brac (a Gaelic word meaning 'bluff') has the highest elevations in the Cayman Islands and is a popular location for home building for those looking for a rustic island getaway.

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East End

Unspoilt and relatively untouched, picturesque views of fishing and dive boats, tall palms and sparkling blue seas are plentiful. Home to several old shipwrecks, fragments of which can still be seen from shore, the Wreck of the Ten Sails Park, commemorating the spot along the reef where a legendary shipwreck took place in 1794. East End is home to several time share properties including Morritt's. Close by are shops and a mini-supermarket. Secluded multi-million dollar homes dot the coast line, while modest homes can be found elsewhere.

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Frank Sound

Frank Sound offers investors a varied property portfolio. With many new development slated, including a luxury village, hotel and golf course, it is a great time to invest early. The area is home to a recently built state the art school, and nearby the acclaimed Health City, Shetty Hospital. There are plenty of opportunities with land for sale at low prices, which will likely increase as popularity for the area grows.

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George Town

The capital of the Cayman Islands and, at a little more than 28,000, more than 50 per cent of the total population lives here. The town centre is bustling with life, as office workers rub shoulders with hundreds of cruise ship passengers and other visitors in this vibrant part of the island. Cayman’s financial services industry still shows a strong presence in George Town, despite the lure of Camana Bay, and where international financial institutions now stand, modest wooden buildings, cow pastures and wattle and daub homes once stood. George Town is a popular location for families as most of the schools are located in the area, specifically on and around Walkers Road. The government-run George Town Hospital and the privately-owned CTMH Doctors Hospital are located in the district and the commute into town is very short for most residents.

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Little Cayman

The smallest of the Cayman Islands and approximately 80 miles from Grand Cayman, Little Cayman is arguably the most picturesque of all three islands. Only 10 miles long and one mile wide, it is surrounded by white sandy beaches. Just over 100 people live permanently on the island, Little Cayman attracts many divers from all over the world with its outstanding coral reefs and marine life. This island hideaway is ideal for people looking for a quiet holiday getaway. There are several condominium complexes with units for sale. Residential homes are also available but not many come on the market.

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Close to George Town, schools, and the shops at Grand Harbour, the commute to town (outside of rush hour) is relatively quick. There are lots of residential homes in this area with a mix of inland, canal front and oceanfront properties. Old Prospect Point Road, Patrick’s Island, and Grand Harbour, are popular residential areas consisting of canal front homes, gated communities, and new waterfront developments.

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Rum Point

Located on the North Sound and on a reef-protected beach far away from the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile, this is a favourite with holiday makers who enjoy the tranquility of island life. Amenities and shopping are limited at this end of the island. Many residents own a boat and jet across the North Sound to get their groceries, to go to work or to drop off the kids for school. By road, the closest school is the North Side Primary School. Condos, as well as private residences, can be found here. All are mainly catering for holiday makers. There is a variety of multi-million dollar homes which puts the area on the high end of the price range and a really exciting new development of beautiful contemporary units at The Rum Point Club. Several restaurants and bars cater for holiday makers and locals alike. Some tour operates have their base here.

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The community still has the feel of a small Caymanian town, with a mixture of locals and expats living alongside one another. Although further out of town it still only takes about thirty minute commute to town.

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Savannah / Lower Valley

Further east from the Prospect area lie Savannah, Northward and Newlands. These areas are mainly residential, with many bungalows and two storey homes. There is only a small number of condominium complexes located here. Prices are in the low to mid-range with some high end properties available. This area has also canal-front properties and the most sought-after areas are Sunrise Landings and North Sound Estates. These areas still have land available at reasonable prices and therefore attract many families, especially with young children.

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Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is at the heart of Cayman’s tourism offering fantastic restaurants and bars, along with excellent supermarkets and varied shops all within walking distance. On the beach side luxurious condominium complexes and hotels line this unique stretch of ocean front. Property prices start from mid-range for a one bedroom condo and go up into the millions for the more upscale complexes like Cayman Club, Caribbean Club, Plantana, WatersEdge, WaterColours and The Ritz-Carlton.

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Seven Mile Corridor

The Seven Mile Beach corridor (actually 5.6 miles of beach) is the most prestigious residential location in all of the Cayman Islands. It is divided by West Bay Road into beach front properties and canal living away from the beach, but still with breath-taking water views. On the canal side of the Seven Mile Beach, single family homes nestle next to condominiums of which many have direct access to a canal and come readily equipped with a dock for your boat. The option of boat docking is an extremely attractive asset for buyers as all canals lead in the island’s favourite playground - the North Sound, which is home to the world-famous Sting Ray City. Condo prices are lower priced than beach front property but are still high. Residential living without canal access is in the higher end of the mid-range pricing. Canal front homes are in the high price range.

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South Sound

A highly sought-after area and popular with expats and locals alike. Close to Walkers Road's schools, as well as the centre of George Town and sport facilities such as the Cayman Islands Rugby Club, the Cayman Islands Tennis Club and the South Sound Squash Club, it is a convenient location for executives working in George Town. South Sound Road snakes along the coast line and properties can be found on both sides of the road. There is much new development taking place along South Sound, offering an excellent selection of homes for sale Properties available includes executive homes, apartments and townhouses. Property on the oceanfront is naturally more expensive than property across the street.

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West Bay

West Bay is geographically the second largest district in Grand Cayman. It is approximately five square miles and has a population of about 11,250 residents. West Bay is home to the Cayman Turtle Centre, a 24-acre marine park. West Bay is also home to Hell, a popular tourist attraction consisting of black volcanic rock formations lying in a flat area less than one acre in size and resembling many people’s idea of Hell.There are a number of great restaurants including Cracked Conch, Alfresco, Calypso Grill, Morgan's Harbour, Catch, and Ristorante Pappagallo. Properties in West Bay vary greatly in price, from low priced condos to ultra-high end homes on the prestigious Boggy Sands Road. Boggy Sands Road is the only community of single family homes that is located directly on Seven Mile Beach. Other prestigious areas include Crystal Harbour, The Shores, The Yacht Club and Salt Creek, with land still available.

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